[Group Buy] ASTROLUX MF04 XHP35 HI Ultra Long Range Searching LED Flashlight

ASTROLUX MF04 CREE XHP35 HI 2700lm 2416m Searchlight Group Buy



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ASTROLUX MF04 – Business End


MF04 Prototype uses aluminium contact plates on both ends for it battery carrier design, and and tamper proof security screws to secure all five rods. I was told that center column (for anode) was made of pure copper.


Comparison of battery carrier designs for MF01 (Left), MF04 (center) and MF02 (right). Please note that all three models are prototype but they are near production grade.
Note: actual retail design might differ a little.


Most frequent asked question: Will it fit?

I did manage to squeeze in a pair of 69.6mm long protected 18650 into the carrier. Unprotected flat top 18650 is also supported, just ensure you load them according to its polarity indicated on the PCB board.

Package comes with 2x spare waterproof O-rings, 1x lanyard, 1x shoulder strap, 1x mounting screw 1/4″, and user manual.

You can mount the light to a tripod or light stand to allow handsfree operation. Please take note that there might not be enough clearance at the neck, if you are using a big size mounting plate.

MF04 being strap on – I used cable shrink tubes on the clips to prevent anodized coating from wearing off.


Silicon button is now at 10mm diameter. 2mm bigger in size, feels more comfortable to press, and protrude less than MF02 and MF01.

Expect same 2S2P 8.4V configuration as MF02 and MF01.


New addition to ASTROLUX MF series


Combine weight of ASTROLUX MF04 with 4 pieces of unprotected 18650 batteries.


Modest collection high lumens throwers.



Inner diameter value (widest end) of each reflector. MF02 retail version has upgraded its ID to 72mm.




Initial test result for ASTROLUX MF04 Runtime in TURBO mode at 29°C/ 84.2°F ambient temperature. Mini usb box fan was used to provide light breeze for the light at 30cm distance.

I did manage to measure a few temperature readings of MF04 before its battery went dead on me. Temperature was about 43°C/ 109°F at about 5.5min mark. There is definitely room to sustain the high output longer.

Did a runtime test for MF04 (prototype) with four pieces of SONY US18650VTC6 3000mAh 3.7V 18650s. MF04 output dropped to 63% from 100% after 8mins, and stayed plateau for another 110mins or so before shutting down itself. Total runtime in TUBRO mode was about 2 solid hrs (126mins) based on 4x 3000mAh rated cells.

Runtime for other levels will be included in soon.

T1) Attempt to re-trigger TURBO after about one minute from first automatic stepdown.

T2) TURBO re-triggered for the second time.

Event A) Discovered that my cooling fan was blowing off axis because the cable got caught with the door when closed. That could probably explain why first stepdown occurred few seconds earlier. Output increased by 5% (peak) after cooling was restored.

T3) Has slightly shorter TURBO duration compared to T1 and T2. Could be due to temperate controller restricting the output.

T4) TURBO re-triggered for the fourth time after 3min interval from previous stepdown. TURBO is able to sustain for approximately 2mins when it was given more time to cool down.



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