BLF Q8 4x XP-L 5000LM Professional Multiple Operation Procedure Super Bright LED Flashlight

BLF Q8 4x XP-L 5000LM Professional Multiple Operation Procedure Super Bright LED Flashlight

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  • Compact and lightweight 5000 Lumens flashlight
  • Utilizes four XP-L LEDs
  • Uses four 18650 batteries for maximum runtime up to 1500hours
  • Features advanced temperature regulation (ATR) technology
  • Integrated power indicator in side switch indicates remaining battery power
  • Flashlight can blink out voltage with 0.1V accuracy
  • Intelligent memory function for brightness levels
  • Direct access to ultralow and turbo outputs
  • High transmittance glass
  • Stainless steel bezel ring protects core components from damage
  • Constructed from aerospace grade aluminum alloy
  • HAIII military grade hard-anodized
  • Waterproof in accordance with IPX-8
  • Tail stand capability



Brand BLF
Model Q8
Brightness 5000lm
Emitter XP-L
No. of emitter 4
Beam Distance 450m+
Peak Beam Intensity 50,000+cd
Tint 4750k-5000k
Mode Smooth ramping or mode set operation
Working Voltage 3-4.2v
Compatible Batteries 4 x 18650 or unprotected button top (not included)
Lens High transmittance glass
Switch type Electronic side switch
Material Aerospace grade aluminum alloy construction
Waterproof IPX-8 waterproof
Impact Resistant 1.2meters
Dimension 132mm x 59mm x 50mm(length x head x body diameter)
Color Black
Net weight 400g without battery
Accessories 2 x Flashlight Body Tube O-ring
1 x Flashlight Head Lens O-ring
1 x Switch cover
1 x English Manual

Mode, lumens and Runtime:

Mode Groups: Runtime and Lumens (manufacturer tested,it will be a little bit different from the real data )
Group1: Moon 2LM/1500h Turbo
Group2: Moon 2LM/1500h Low 160LM/33h Turbo
Group3: Moon 2LM/1500h Low 70LM/66h Mid 1250LM/8h Turbo
Group4: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow 10LM/150h Low 160LM/33h Mid 1500LM/6h Turbo
Group5: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow 10LM/150h Low1 70LM/66h Low2 160LM/33h Mid 1500LM/6h Turbo
Group6: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow 5LM/150h Low 70LM/33h Mid1 240LM/17h Mid2 1100LM/10h High 2500LM/3h Turbo
Group7: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow1 10LM/400h Ultralow2 35LM/140h Ultralow3 95LM/54h Low1 160LM/33h Mid 1350LM/8h High 2500LM/3h Turbo 5000LM40min
Group8: Moon 2LM/1500h Low 160LM/33h Mid 750LM/17h High
Group9: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow 10LM/150h Mid 520LM/20h Turbo
Group10: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow 10LM/150h Mid 1500LM/6h Turbo
Group11: Moon 2LM/1500h Low 160LM/33h Mid 1350LM/8h Turbo
Group12: Moon 2LM/1500h Ultralow 5LM/600h Low 150LM/33h Mid 1700LM/5.5h Turbo


4pcs of SAMSUNG INR18650-30Q Rechargeable with case

Price: $16.50 ( $21.99 )

Valid Till: Sep 2017.

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