SKYRC MC3000 Smart Bluetooth Charger

SKYRC MC3000 Smart Bluetooth Charger

Price: $75.99 ( $89.99 )

Available in US and EU plug.

Coupon:  MC3000GIFT 

Valid Till: 30 pieces on offer.

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The charger supports all common round battery sizes and chemistries in 4 independent slots, has numerous safety mechanisms to protect user, device, and batteries from harm, offers maximum charge rate of 3A/slot, true constant current for both charging and discharging, analyzing capability, PC & Bluetooth 4.0 monitor & control, user calibration, high accuracy and an intuitive user interface, while the updatable firmware ensures flexibility to respond to user demands and future market or technology changes.


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Credit: Julian Ilett

Credit: TechTronic9000

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