[Group Buy] VOLLSION TL23 Tritium Glow Bar

Steps to place your order

  1. Visit VOLLSION eBay (cnequipment).
  2. Select quantity.
  3. Make An Offer at $29.99 /pc.
  4. State that you are from Freeme’s VOLLSION TL23 Group Buy.
  5. Specific the color of the tritium and enclosure finishing that you want in “Add message to seller” field.
  6. Click “Review Offer”.
  7. Wait for Vollsion’s reply.

Seller will adjust the value manually when they received your offer.

An example eBay’s “Make An Offer” option for those who are new to this eCommerce site.

Buyer Feedback

mine showed up in the mailbox today. Already on the wife’s keychain…lol. Thanks freeme!98dinan3 (BLF)
Mine arrived today – yellow, sand blasted. It’s pretty darn nice! Thanx freeme!TomE (BLF)
ust want to add that I originally purchased this for the woman to put on her keychain, as I’ve turned her into a little bit of an edc geek as of late, but as soon as she saw it, she wanted to wear it as a necklace. I thought it looked a little weird at first, but it looks awesome now that I’m used to it. All of her friends absolutely LOVE it and want one for themselves! This is both a great EDC item or an elegant piece of jewelry, depending on who you give it to!adirondackdestroyer (BLF)
I picked it up at the Post office today and it’s a winner, looks really cool.
Thanks for the GroupBuy!RollerBoySE (BLF)
Mine arrived yesterday. I´ve also have had problems to track the parcel, but now I´m happy!DrDevil (BLF)


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