[Review] IMALENT DM21 CREE XM-L2 U4 930lm 18650 Flashlight and HMD10 3-in-1 Holster

IMALENT DM21 CREE XM-L2 U4 930lm 18650 Flashlight

Sample was provided by Imalent.com for review purpose.





Model: DM21 

Retail Price: $65 (flashlight only), available at Banggood / GearBest

Modes:  930lm (High) to 30lm (Low) 


Candela: 11,300cd

Throw distance: 268m

Size: 138mm x 27.5mm x 27.5mm / 5.42 x 1.08 x 1.08 inches 

Weight: 89g (without battery) 

Battery Type: 1x 18650/ 2x CR123A

First Impression:


Packaging came in pretty much undamaged. Straightforward design with easy to understand visuals on applications and flashlight specifications (FL-1 Standard). Brief explanation of it new conduction touch sensor and company contact information on the back.


IMALENT D21 luxurious kit unpacked. Kit includes:

  1. DM21 flashlight
  2. 3-in-1 flashlight holster
  3. IMALENT 2600mAh protected 18650 rechargeable Li-ION battery (not shown)
  4. USB cable (micro-USB)
  5. spare o-rings
  6. Manual in both Chinese and English languages

table kit

Subjected to changes.


Despite its size, DM21 flashlight and HMD10 holster fits comfortably in medium adult size palm with a lot of grip.


DM21 in HMD10 Multi-functional flashlight holster



[L] Business end – DM21 has well-centered emitter, flawless smo reflector and AR lens that reflects in purplish tint. Quality is as high as the other premium flashlight makers.
[R] Proprietary polarity protection cover with “IMALENT Furious Night” letters over it.


[L] Instead of having thick heat dissipating fins, DM21 uses distinct patterns on all 6 faces (almost hexagonal) of the tube. Patterns are aesthetically pleasing and functional at the same time. Providing extra surface area for heat dissipating ability, improves finger grip near the head and anti-roll feature.

Knurling on tube is grippy but not too aggressive. Overall grip is further increase with classic long deep grooves that runs along the body.

Anodizing for the exterior is superior, but body threads are not as strong. I can already see some fine lines (<1mm) with bare aluminum exposed after using if for a week.

[R] Clean laser etch logo strategically position near the end. It is there but not in your face kind. Most of the time it will be cover up by your palm when using.


[L] Unlike conventional mechanical switch, DM21 utilize IMALENT “Man/ human-conduction” Touch Sensor. Switch ON/OFF the flashlight is easy with just a light pressure on the metallic ring in the center. Sensor will only trigger in certain conditions that I will test out later.

Brightness of the flashlight is controlled by the aluminium wheel at the outer edge of the button. Wheel can be turned approximately 130 degrees from LOW to HIGH.
[R] Tailcap is heavier than average size flashlights as it has charging components and touch sensor integrated into it. Tail cap lockout is possible with anodized threads.


[L] Charging port cover is lifted to expose the micro-USB port inside. Rubber cover is connected to the shell. Material is thin, not sure if it is able to withstand prolong abuse.
[R] LED lid up in flashing red, indicating charging process is on-going. I get voltage cutoff at 4.14V on my first attempt.

Accessories: Holster


Apart from IMALENT new tactical series flashlights, HMD10 Multi-functional flashlight holster is able to support various flashlights with similar body (25.4mm) and head (35mm) diameter.

freedailydeals.org-IMALENT-DM21-28 freedailydeals.org-IMALENT-DM21-29

[L] HMD10 Top View

  • Mode button with Green LED
  • Battery chamber for 18650
  • Battery status
  • Built-in 5000mAh powerbank
  • Sizable clip with heavy duty hinge
  • Polymer nano plating technology surface to prevent scratches

[R] HMD10 Bottom View

  • Full size USB output
  • microUSB input 5V 2A/1A;
  • Window for the flashlight to shine through.


Managed to get HMD10 holster strapped to my 6-7mm thick Uncle Mike’s tactical belt. This makes DM21 a good choice for users working in the security sector.



Coming soon



  1. DM21 Flashlight: 91g
  2. DM21 Flashlight with 2600mAh 18650: 140g
  3. DM21 Flashlight with 2600mAh 18650 and HMD10: 375g
  4. DM21 Flashlight with two 2600mAh 18650 and HMD10: 424g

User Interface

Full operation manual


Download/ View PDF

Self-Test Feature


According to IMALENT, there is a self-test will be performed each time when a battery is inserted into the flashlight. Polarity test will test if the battery is inserted in the right orientation. LED will not lid up if the polarity is in the wrong direction or battery is defective. If red and green LEDs flash twice (shown above), it indicates the flashlight is on standby mode and ready to use.


Select your desire output by rotating your wheel at tailcap. Clockwise to increase output and anti-clockwise to reduce output. It is straightforward without much fiddling required.

Review-IMALENT-DM21-mode-gif3 freedailydeals.org-IMALENT-DM21-1

[L] Switching from Low to Medium to High.Travel distance is short and it can be easily reach with a thumb.

[R] Double tap the power button during OFF state will give you battery status. Really wish IMALENT to include a low lid beacon option to facilitate searching of flashlight in total darkness.


Press and hold the power button to trigger strobe mode. Strobe brightness can be increase or reduce with the tailcap wheel.

DM21 has one of the highest flashing frequency I have ever seen for strobe mode, and is too high to be accurately captured by ordinary digital camera. Our naked eyes may perceive it as fast toggling between 100% to 80%. I wish they have chosen a much lower frequency to create nasty blinding effect like Nitecore.

Nitecore MH20 for comparison.


Performance: Tailcap Amperage Readings

Battery Model Type Voltage High Low Candela (lux@1m) Throw Remarks
IMALENT 2600mAh 3.7V Protected Lithium V A mA m
LG HG2 3000mAh 3.7 Lithium V A mA m
EVVA 3200mAh NCR18650BD Lithium V A mA m

Performance: Runtime

Coming soon

Beam Profile: Width

Beam Profile: Tint

Beam tint comparison of some of the popular flashlights. Camera setting is set to auto exposure and white balance. Flashlight brightness is set to medium output.

Beam Profile: Outdoor Fun

Coming soon

Size Comparison

Heh Buddy!

What I Like About DM21 Flashlight:

  • Variable brightness with the help of control wheel at tailcap.
  • High quality finishing, on par with other well-known flashlight brands.
  • Unique futuristic design.
  • Human conduction touch sensor technology. Reduced chances of accidental trigger by itself.
  • In-body USB charging function is convenient. You can charge your light on-the-go with any available USB port from your computer or power bank.
  • Battery is safely charged to 4.14V range.  

What Needs to Be Improved:

  • Flashlight can be brighter.
  • Low mode is not low enough. (Issue has been highlighted to manufacturer. I was told that it will be addressed in retail version.)
  • Slight hint of green in tint in my unit. It could be due to AR lens effect but I am not totally sure. You will not see it when you crank up the power.  
  • A pocket clip to be included.

What I Like About HMD10 Holster:

  • Just slip in the drained cell into the battery compartment and get it charge in no time.
  • Built-in 5000mAh battery is almost equivalent to 1.5x 18650 capacity. You can have over 10,000mAh if you have one 18650 in flashlight, one stored inside the compartment and 5000mAh in holster. It should be sufficient for most application for entire day.
  • Battery status can be checked with a touch of the button, without need to remove the holster from your waist.
  • Power bank function can be used an emergency back for your mobile devices such as mobile phone.

What Needs to Be Improved

  • DM21 did not fit snugly in HMD10. (Issue has been highlighted to manufacturer. I was told that it will be addressed in retail version.)
  • I do not have luck with rubberize treatment for plastic. They tend to turn awful sticky over a period of time.
  • Compartment’s door does not pop up properly when depressed.


Coming soon

Our Rating

Power: ★★★

Easy of Mod: ★✩✩

Price: ★★★✩ 

Overall value: ★★★

Ratings based on $65 price tag.

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