[Review] Ganzo G302B Multi Tool Pliers with Screwdriver Kit

Ganzo G302-B sample was provided by GearBest.com for review purpose.


Was given the privilege to review G302-B Special Edition recently. G302-B is the top of the line model in GANZO muti tool plier series. Just a brief introduction for those who are unfamiliar with GANZO brand. They are the one of the leading manufacturer for multi tool pliers, folding pocket knives and accessories from China. You may want to drop by their official website (www.yjganzo.com) for more details about products that they are carrying.

First Impression

GANZO-G320B-13Solid yet classy looking black box packaging from the front. With faint GANZO Chinese character seal logos in the backdrop.

GANZO-G320B-14On the rear, you will find thank you for purchasing Ganzo product message, brief intro of G302-B and GANZO usage, porduct name, model and barcode.

GANZO-G320B-12Ganzo adopted a fairly clean and uncluttered packing design. When you All the parts are stored inside the sheath. Feels like G302-B is ready to go anytime!

GANZO-G320B-11Sheath is made of hard nylon material and it will retain its shape even with the tools removed. You can ensure that all G302-B multi tool pliers and tool bits will be well protected inside the case. Embossed brass button is on the stiff side. You need some finger strength to button and unbutton the flap. There is a belt loop on the rear for those who prefer to carry it on their waist.

Instruction manual written in both English and Chinese. There are also easy to understand illustrations that brief you on the available tools.

G302B unfolded


What a beauty! Black anodizing looks great on G302-B, especially with the eye catching 3D-ish red Ganzo cutout logos. Black color does give it a much more stealthier and tactical look. However, do expect the coating to fall off at certain point. As you could see, anodizing/ paint has already peeled of at some of the corners when it arrived. It is inevitable but it does not compromise the overall appearance in my opinion.


Full size multi-tool plier on of my medium size 19cm palm. At 166mm unfold, it maybe slightly longer than average fixed pliers size.

During initial unpacking and familiarization process, I noticed some lubricant fluid oozing out from the moving joints and locking mechanisms. Not really an issue as excess lubricant can be easily wipe off with dry paper towel.


Body came be compacted after tools have been folded up.

Close Up View:


GANZO-G320Bg-30 GANZO-G320Bg-31


You will have to flip out tools near the edges, in order to access the inner ones due to close proximity between each individual tool.



Manufacturer’s Specifications:


Brand: GANZO

Model: G302-B

Material: H-carbon Stainless Steel

Hardness: main knife, +/-58HRC

Tools: Pliers( nipper pliers, standard Pliers, Steel wire-cutter) can/ bottle opener, main blade, saw, serrated blade, awl (with threading hole), flat screwdriver Scissors, 10 Screw Driver Set( joint sleeve, 1-3# cross screwdriver, 7/5/3mm flat screwdriver, 6/4/3mm hexagonal screwdriver

Net Weight: 290g

Dimensions: 10.2cm (close), 16.5cm(open)



At 287g (10.12 ounces), it is heavier than modern mobile phone (iphone 6 plus 172g, 6.07 ounces). Sheath and bits set will addon another 119g to it. 406g in total if you carry on belt.


Ganzo Tool Functions

01) Nipper pliers
02) Tools pliers
03) Combination pliers mouth
04) Awl
05) Threading apparatus

06) Saw
07) Serrated Knife Blade
08) Crosspoint screwdriver
09) Scissors
10) Small flathead screwdriver

11) Handing ring
12) Main knife
13) Bottle opener
14) Can opener
15) Wire stripper

Essential Tools


Couple with the bits set, you can use G302-B like a standard screw driver.

  • Hexagon bits in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm.
  • flat head in 3mm, 5mm and 7mm sizes
  • Phillips heads in #1, #2 and #3
  • one adapter socket


Only G302-B model comes with gold plating for tool bits. Bits are of high quality and they are held tight inside rubber sockets. Entire strip of bits can be stored inside the inner pocket, together with the multi-tool in sheath.


Combination pliers mouth

One of the main difference between GANZO G302-B and G301 multi tool plier is the replaceable alloy jaw/ cutting blade. It is extremely useful for cutting thick wirings and even wire fencing.



Hangging Ring

You can use sturdy paracord lanyard or use the ring to hang multi tool pliers on hook.


Can/ Bottle Opener

Tip of the tool will be used as a can opener. Align the tool to the edge of the can and apply downwards motion to pierce through the container from the top.

Whereas the C-shape edge located at the mid section will be used as bottle cap opener.


Awl & Threading Apparatus

Pointy edge of the awl is used to pierce object. By placing a nylon thread through the hole, you can thread through the hole that is created by the awl (imagine needle and thread through fabric). Most like for camping and outdoor purposes.

Featured Tool: Scissor

The only EDC tool that I carry, is my 6 years old trusty Victorinox Swiss Army knife. Among all the provided tools, scissor is the most used tool for me. Therefore, I am quite particular with scissor's design and construction.


You could see that scissor tool does not have a stud like the rest of the knife/ saw tools. There is no way to pull them directly from the cutout edge.


How about pushing it from the opposite end? No luck... slot is too thin for my finger.


The only proper and safe way to deploy the scissors is by reaching the handle from inside (shown in pic). This will also prevent blade from swinging out unexpectedly.

I notice that my copy has an upgraded scissors design with larger blade width and stiffer spring. I believe enhancement is for additional shearing and structural strength.


This is how scissors tool being deployed from its slot. Scissors is locked on to its position when it is extended fully.

Featured Tool: Saw



Serrated Knife Blade is good for cutting paracord.


Two rows of super sharp teeth cut through wooden block with breeze.

Pros & Cons:


  • I love the stealthy all black appearance.
  • G302-B is complete package with all the necessary tools you need.
  • Cutting tools are well sharpen out from the box
  • Feels solid in hand.
  • Quality sheath and bits set.
  • Reasonably price for a flagship model.
  • Replaceable tungsten alloy blade


  • Having 5 pieces of tools in the same slot is a bit cumbersome to deploy. Really hope they can figure out a way to spread out the tools on both ends like their western competitors. Making the common tools more accessible.
  • Black coating (anodizing or oxide) will not be able to withstand abuse. Of course, you can choose G301-H silver version if that bothers you.
  • Since bits set is stored away separately, there maybe a chance of loosing them entirely or not bring them out with you.



G302-B is my first full size multi tool plier. Despite all the minor short-comings, I am still very impress by the overall build quality for a sub $35 package. Not everyone is willing to folk out $100+, for a Leatherman or SOG multi tool if you are just a light user like me.

To be honest, there are quite a few things that I really wish to have for this Ganzo multi tool pliers is able to provide. For example, customize-able tools like diamond file or single built-in phillips driver may come in handy, though I know that G302-B will probably still able to get most of the jobs done at the end of the day.

If you have $33 to spare, G302-B is definitely a good starting point for first time owners who are unsure of which tools suit them best. We recommend you to experiment G302-B first and to understand your needs. You can upgrade to more sophisticated models by branded makers at a later stage when needed.

Overall Rating:

4stars4 out of 5 FreeDailyDeals Stars

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