[Review]: Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05 Cree XP-E 16340 Flashlight

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05 Cree XP-E 16340 Flashlight

Sample was purchased from GearBest.com @$5.39.

Here is a quick and dirty review for this new budget flashlight.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-1

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-16

Manufacturer’s Specifications:

  • Brand: SHARP EAGLE
  • Model: ZQ-SH-05
  • Emitter Type: Cree XP-E
  • Total Emitter: 1 x Cree XP-E
  • Lumens: 600Lm
  • Switch Type: Clicky
  • Switch Location: Side Switch
  • Feature: Overheating Protection, Stainless Steel Bezel, Side Switch, Lightweight, Pocket Clip
  • Function: Camping, Seeking Survival, Walking, EDC, Night Riding, Hunting, Exploring, Hiking, Household Use
  • Battery Type: 16340
  • Battery Quantity: 1 x 16340 battery (not included)
  • Mode: 3 (High > Low > Strobe)
  • Waterproof: IPX-6 Standard Waterproof
  • Reflector: Aluminum Smooth Reflector
  • Lens: Toughened Ultra-clear Glass Lens with Anti-reflective Coating
  • Beam Distance: 50-100m
  • Body Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Available Light Color: Neutral White
  • Available Color: Black, Grey


  • Model name is damn hard to remember.
  • Most probably 250-270lm max, based on the measured current.
  • Aluminium bezel
  • Plastic reflector
  • No AR lens, glass is already chipped off when it arrives.
  • Cool white.
  • About 1.2A at high mode.

I will not cover on performance aspect as I intend to treat this light as a flashlight host only.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-6

▲ Plastic reflector, aluminium mcpcb and XP-E are more of less expected for under $10 flashlight.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-15

▲ Large portion of the driver is occupied with useless charging port.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-7

▲ Driver is single sided with no component on the spring side. Spring is soldered slighty off center.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-13

▲ Head module, front view – 20mm MCPCB sits on 2mm of thick edge (center).

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-12

▲ Head module, rear view – there isn’t a lot of head room for driver, just enough to fit the stock driver which is 7mm tall.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-8

▲ There is no spring for the tail assembly, just a raise piece of aluminium mill as contact pin.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-9

▲ Bottom view – flashlight anodization is no bad but definitely cannot withstand abuse like Convoy.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-10

▲ Triangular cut threads came in un-lube, but they are smooth and easy to work with after cleaning.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-5

▲ Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05 (16340) beside our all time favorite Ultrafire SK68 (AA/ 14500, ~$3).

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-3

▲ Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05 (16340) together with more budget class flashlights.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-14

▲ I generally will avoid hollow-pill flashlights as they can be rather difficult to fix, if you do not own a lathe or access to copper/ alu rods. After taking some rough measurements, Convoy S2 aluminium pill from RMM happens to fit inside ZQ-SH-05. It requires about 1 mm padding to ensure they are snug with the inner wall.

Sharp Eagle ZQ-SH-05-2

▲ NOTE: Triple emitter conversion will not be “plug and play”. Some degree of mod skill is required but it should be achievable with simple hand tools. I have not complete my conversion yet, as I ran out of triple mcpcb now. I will include some of challenge(s) face during actual build later.

Feel free to ask if you any question on ZQ-SH-05.


Now: $4.85 ($9.96)

Single 16340 CREE XP-E 250lm

Proceed to Purchase

Store: GearBest.com

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