Nitecore MH10 or MH12, which want should I get?

MH10 and MH12 are the latest addition to Nitecore’s Multi-task Hybrid series. Both come with in-body charging function and delivering output at maximum of 1000lm. You maybe think which model will suit your needs better? We came out with the specs comparison table with the key differences highlighted in bold.

[table id=24 /]

Basically, MH10 is much more suitable for EDC purpose due to it small form factor, yet packed same amount of power as MH12. Although MH12 may cost a bit more, you get higher capacity NL188 cell, ease of switching of mode due to dual switches, longer body usually translates better grip and marginal improvement in heat dissipation.

We do have a very good discount for these two models.

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Great lights for both.

Hi Benny,

Your Nitecore MH10 and MH12 review is very informative and photos are awesome. Thanks for sharing it with our readers, I am sure they will benefit from it.


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