[Review] E01 CREE XP-G2 Stainless Steel AA/ 14500 Mini EDC LED Flashlight

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First Impression

E01 arrived in generic white box as expected. Very first thing that you will notice, is the weight of the small flashlight @90g. In comparison, Olight S20 only weights 52g. Most of the weight is saturated on the head assembly itself. E01 has a matching stainless steel clip. Clip does not come in contact with body tube when opening the tailcap, thus no marks will be left on it. It also acts as an anti-rolling device.

Machining is very good, no defects have been observe at this point of time. Pop-in a 14500 and eneloop batteries at E01 works right out of the box.

By this time, you may have realized how E01 kind of resemble with Convoy S7(stainless steel). Difference between E01 and S7 are size (95mm vs 116mm), weight (90g vs 118g), clip and knurling on body.

Unit is supplied by Banggood for review purpose. Apologize for the delay as there was lot of stuffs happening in Oct/ Nov. This is really handsome looking flashlight that requires greater attention to it.


Product name: E01 CREE XP-G2 Mini EDC LED Flashlight
Model: E01
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XP-G2
Light color: cool white
Material: stainless steel
Mode: high,middle,low
Battery Configurations: 1 x aa/14500 battery(not included)
Voltage Input: 1-3.6v
Switch Type: clicky
Switch Location: tail of the flashlight
Brightness: 150lumens
Impact Resistant 1.5meters
Range: 60meters(max)
Runtime: 1.2h(h),3.5h(mid),13h(low)
Reflector: Orange peel reflector
Carrying Clip: yes
Waterproof: IPX-8 Waterproof
Color: silver
Weight: 90g without battery
Size: 93mm x 20mm(length x body diameter)


Eneloop AA cell being loaded in battery tube. Finger prints are inevitable due to its smooth and shining surface (chrome like). Flashlight grip can be a problem because of that. I have a hard time to operate the light with single hand initially. You have to grab the body together with the clip, in order to prevent it from slipping away in your palm when you try to turn it on.


Detail view of the head unit. Well placed emitter depth to maximize output. “Heavily” textured OP (orange peel) design to widen spill beam.


Very well spaced and usable power output.

Low (5%) > Medium (33%) > High (100%) – NO blinkies

Always turn ON on Low (min 2s OFF).


Definitely one of the brightest GITD(glow in the dark) o-ring that I have seen.

Beam Profile



Tailcap Amperage Readings


Although Bin of XP-G2 is undefined, I guess it is at least R5 as it is common nowadays. At 2.07A, E01 will produce over 500lm.

Cree® XLamp® XP-G2 LEDs Datasheet.

Flashlight Tear Down


Partially tear down E01 laid on cutting mat. Both head and tailcap assemblies threads are glued.


Exploded view of E01 with a regular 18650 (20R) in the background for size comparison.


There are a lot of room left with Sanyo 14500 unprotected loaded in carrier/tube. Protected 14500 should be able to fit well. I have never seen such 17mm board before. Apparently, 2 of the stars have been bridged by default. Board is soldered to the brass pill.


First thing that catches my eyes, are the thick wires are used for the emitter. They are as thick as my 22AWG wire from Int-Outdoor. CREE XP-G2 on 16mm aluminium star, 18mm x 12.5mm aluminium orange peel reflector with 17.8mm x 1.2mm lens.

Pill threads are coated with metal residues. They cannot be 100% removed. I tried several methods to scrub them away, but all my effort was fruitless.


Failed in my first attempt to tear down the tailcap assembly. You can tell the amount of pressure that I have used from the deep scratch. It turned out to be the o-ring rubber underneath that was causing the problem. Here is a back view of the tailcap.


Spring by-pass is nicely done by factory. OMTEN switch together with blue PCB is glued and soldered onto the brass retaining ring. Glue residue on inner tailcap wall.


Side-by-side view of E01 and Cree XP-G2 modded SingFire SF-348 CQG clone.



E01 flashlight fits perfectly into Tank007 26mm x 110mm holster.

E01 – Pros and Cons


  • Feels really solid in your hand.
  • Size is spot on for EDC.
  • LED swap is possible.
  • Good amount of throw despite its size.
  • Simple well spaced power output.
  • Decent runtime from a 840mAh 14500.
  • Supports Alkaline battery
  • Stainless steel is a much strong material than Aluminium.
  • Factory spring mod. Note: some batch may not have it, be prepared to make your own.


  • Due to it polish surface, E01 can be slippery in palm and a finger print magnet.
  • Generic SS clip matches the design but it is not very secure.
  • PMW for low and medium modes
  • Maybe consider heavy in weight for some.


E01 is capable of delivering higher output than manufacturer’s specification with 14500 is a bonus. It warms up really fast, with the heat saturated mainly at the head section. Mode spacing is well defined, it makes it easier for user to decide the desire amount of amount that suits the task.

I have been using this flashlight on and off for the past few months. It is suppose to be an EDC friendly light, but I seldom carry it our with me. One of the reason is that stainless steel body maybe strong, but its polish finishing will be prone to scratches. Second reason is that I prefer to go light in weight when I am outside. My first EDC flashlight choice has been over-taken by D.Q.G Tiny AA instead.

However things may have changed, as I have received my newly acquired holster for E01 today and it is perfect match in terms of size and look. With new Nichia 219 upgrade, my E01 feels more worth keeping it now.

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== Many thanks to Banggood for making this review possible ==

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