Solarstorm BC-2 8.4V Water-resistant 4 x 18650 External Battery Pack Case for Bicycle light


Introducing the new Solarstorm BC-2 4x 18650 battery pack/ case for bicycling lights. One of the advantages of such 18650 case is that it allows u to power up light with wide range of high quality cells(Japan or Korea made) that are available in the market. China battery packs usually are poor in performance and bad quality battery can even lead to explosion during usage.

MTB (mountain bike) cyclists will love this, as it will extend the runtime of your high powered multiple emitters lights significantly. Load up your high capacity cells and you are good to go for your full day* ride.

BC-2 now comes with an additional USB charging port, that is capable to output up to 2A. Suitable for charing modern mobile devices such as mobile phones, GPS, camera and speakers.

 Now: $9.99 (usual $27.68)


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