[Review] Rocher MC10 CREE XM-L2 U2-1A 700LM Magnetic Control

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First Impression

WoW… This is the very word that I have in mind when unpacking MC10 out from the flatten generic white box. I have bought over 40 pieces <$30 flashlights this year. This is the first time I see such high quality flashlight in this price category. MC10 is aesthetically pleasing from head to tail. A-grade machining and gun metal gray anodizing. It feels that there is really no reserve in building this awesome piece by Rocher. I hate to say this, but Rocher MC10 is definitely one class higher than Convoy or Solarstorm. MC10 is regarded as a premium flashlight in my opinion.

Package comes with lanyard and 2 replacement o-rings.


Product name: Rocher MC10 Magnetic Control LED Flashlight
Brand: Rocher
Model: MC10
Emitter Brand CREE
Emitter Type: XM-L2
Emitter BIN: U2-1A(6500K-7000K)
Material: Aviation aluminum
Total Emitters: 1
Mode: high,middle,low,strobe
Battery Configurations: 1 x 18650 battery(not included)
Voltage Input: 3v-4.2v
Switch Type: Magnetic Control switch
Brightness: 700lumens
Runtime: 1-2h(high),3-4h(middle),12-13h(low)
Carrying Strap: YES
Waterproof: IPX-8
Color: black
Weight: 142g without battery
Size: 160x 47 x 27 mm(length x head diameter x body diameter)


Well spaced and usable power output. Modes can be accessed with the twist of ring with fingers.

High (100%) > Medium (30%) > Low (10%) – Strobe


Ring is smooth, but not loose. Ring travel is about 100° from one end to another. Not sure how is the construction looks like inside the assembly. You can feel mini steps in every 1-2mm of turn. Sounds like ball bearings underneath the ring itself.

Beam Profile


There is PWM for Low and Medium mode. No visible PWM under normal usage, unless you shine it to fast moving object like fan. No PWM noise being heard for my copy.

Tailcap Amperage Readings




Flashlight Tear Down



47mm stainless steel (non-crenulated!) coupled with a matching black o-ring around its threads (see previous photo). Another thick red o-ring sandwiched between the aluminium reflector and glass lens.


Reflector depth of Convoy C8 and TangsFire C8 are 31.7mm and 35mm respectively.


XM-L2 emitter lying deep inside the body, 20mm aluminium mcpcb. Solid looking brass contact plate. Easy to tear down even with most small piers.

MC10 is flat-top 18650 friendly, all thanks to mini protruding brass cap in the center.


You will see the blue pcb driver, once the contact plate/ cap is removed.


Emitter mounting surface is flat. No dimple or whatsoever. However it is anodized instead of bare aluminium.


Driver is secured into the body with a retaining screw (LEFT) through the screw hole. I have problem pulling out the driver initially. Instead, remove the emitter first and push the driver out through the holes for the wires from the other end.

Sense resistors can be easily identify by the rows of R100s (RIGHT).


Plenty of room for protected 18650. Battery compartment is about 1.5mm thick. Trapezoidal anodized threads and thick red o-rings are used for MC10. Anodized threads allows tailcap lockout.


1mm dia thick and stiff gold-plated steel spring inside tailcap. At the bottom, we have a unique 4 sided star shape design that allows flashlight to tail stand properly. A larger than usual opening, allows easy threading your lanyard loop.


Side-by-Side Comparison with now popular EE X6 BLF

Rocher MC10 – Pros and Cons



  • Feels really solid in your hand.
  • Definitely A grade machining and anodizing without doubts.
  • Unique silver and gun metal color scheme.
  • Magnetic control ring allows rapid switching of in between modes.
  • Excellent heat dissipation with those thick fins.
  • Rectangular knurling patterns improves the grip greatly and blend in well with overall design.


  • More power please!!!
  • No direct swapping of driver.
  • Some beam artifacts observed. Most probably is due to reflector design. Not a big issue as it diminish rapidly when it is projected above 3m away from object.
  • PWM for Low and Medium modes


I totally ignored my Yezl Y3, which happened to arrive on the same day as MC10. Reason was because MC10 felt so different from all the other budget flashlights that I had owned so far. It has top notch machining, anodizing and material grade. All logos are properly aligned and etched. Magnetic control ring lands on the right position. Ergonomic is definitely being considered, as operating MC01 felt natural in hand.

At 700lm stock, it is not the power house of single 18650 with CREE XM-L2 configuration. However, MC10 has excellent heat dissipation capability compared to flashlights with smaller body. You are able to handheld for longer period, without get overly uncomfortable even at high mode.

For flashaholic modders, MC10 maybe disappointed as direct driver swapping will almost not going to happen. Sense resistor mod is probably the easier method to squeeze our more juice from stock driver. I am interested to see how other going to mod it further Smile

Rocher MC10 is one of the best looking, under 17cm 18650 flashlight class in my collection right now. Never have I seen a flashlight at this price range, that solid and elegant at the same time. I will not hesitate to acquire more for myself or recommend to friends. Make use of the new coupon!

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