[Review] Convoy S2+ 18650 flashlight

Convoy S2+ XM-L2 U2-1A 7135*8 Review

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First Impression:


Package arrived within 3 weeks from order date, in medium sized padded envelope. Inside the envelope, you will find a generic white box containing Convoy S+ inside. Box maybe lightly crush (very common), but flashlight should be able to survive without any visible damage. Convoy S2+ comes pre-assembled with a lanyard inside the package.

At first glance, new Convoy S2+ bares a lot of resemblance to Convoy S2 from the exterior. However, you will find a number of changes have been made in Convoy S2+, once you start breaking down the flashlight. Convoy S2+ has adopted a shallower (11.6mm measured) reflector design for wider flood capability, as compared to previous Convoy S2 model. As for tailcap, cutouts have been made for easy finger access to the button. Slight changes have been made to tailcap module as well, which includes retaining ring, spring and board.

Convoy S2+ has dropped the groove rings (radiating fins effect) near the head for a cleaner look. Flashlight uses latest CREE XM-L2 U2-1A/ T6-3B, coupled with 8*AMC7135 driver for the highest output configuration.With reflector height shorten, you get a taller pill as a result. It is  big deal for me as I always wanted to include a copper heatsink block inside the pill. We finally got more space for the modification.


Orange peel texture seem a bit more prominent than Convoy S2 model. Body tube section is more or less identical. Only threads to tailcap end is anodized as usual. I owned several Convoy models, but I find that Convoy S2+ comes with lesser lubricant for the o-ring and thread. As usual, both Convoy S2+ and S2 have very good quality overall anodized finishing, with grippy knurling patterns for tube, head and tailcap. Protected battery fits better in Convoy S2+.

Build quality:


Side-by-Side Comparison with other Convoy Flashlights S2+, S2, M1, C8 (left to right)

Convoy S2+ is 5.4mm shorter in length than my Convoy S2. Convoy S2+ is definitely a much more compact model in it class. Suitable for EDC purpose, yet able to run on high capacity 18650 Li-ION battery for extra runtime.



Tailcap current measurement in (A, amperes) with 2 types of 18650 batteries.


[table id=14 /]


[table id=16 /]

TIR Optics Replacement

TIR Optics 60 degree, 10 degree and stocks reflectors

Glass lens and reflector can be replaced with various TIR lenses that are widely available in the market. I got my copies from LEDDNA.com, as they are relative cheap ($0.40/pc) and I just need small quantity to experiment with. Just replace the original lens and reflector with the TIR lens. No really much modification is needed for this TIR option. If you choose to remove the outer shell/casing/ holder, TIR will be rather loose in the host and thicker O-ring maybe required to ensure the lens is in place. Else, you may have to spend some time to sand down the edges of the shell(white) till it fit into the flashlight.

TIR Optics

60° 21mm  and 10° 21mm TIR lense shown respectively.



Top 3 photos show the beam pattersn for Low, Medium and High mode. Flashlight was placed 100cm away from wall. Large usable hot spot measured at 30cm diameter , 70 cm diameter for secondary ring (yellow tint) and 150cm diameter for spill (based on High Mode).


Flashlight being used in indoor environment with different power level.


  • Affordable price.
  • Easily available from number of online stores.
  • Outstanding anodizing and finishing for this price range.
  • Compact in size.
  • Aesthetic looks good, especially the color.
  • Ease of customization.
  • Able to accept 3rd part TIR optic.


  • Gets hot after 5 mins of use on high mode.
  • Feels like a cost reduction version compared to S2. So of the interior details are not on par with S2.
  • Difficult to tailstand with lanyard, for new tailcap design.
  • PWM (Pulse-width modulation) is used for medium and low mode. PWM not visible for naked eyes, but slight whining sound maybe heard.


If you have previously owned a Convoy S2, you know that Convoy S2+ is not really an “upgrade” version of S2. Although they do look pretty much alike from the outside, their beam profile, heat management, throw distance, size and few detail components are different from each other.

They are basically different flashlight choices that cater for different needs. In my opinion, I will prefer Convoy S2 a bit more because I like the old tailcap design and the extra throw distance from the deeper reflector.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with the purchase. People who just started to use high power flashlight, will like their first purchase and it should last them quite a while before acquiring more flashlights. Convoy S2+ price is really hard to beat for lumens/dollars. You can hardly find anything that is as good and powerful as Convoy S2+/ S2 for a <$16 class. The only down side is that it gets heat up easily due to its small body size.

I hope for see Convoy models in future.


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How does the S2+ and S3 compare?

Both are different in terms appearance, finishing, length and pricing. S2+ uses brass pill, whereas new S3 has integrated shelf design for their emitter. Beam profile and power should be fairly similar if emitter and driver type are the same.

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