Opus BT-C3100 LCD Smart Intelligent Battery Charger – $39.99 (New, V2.1) (price update)

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V2.1  (NEW): $39.99 (usual $65)


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1. Voltage update rate is 30s instead of 60s.
2. Charging voltage is regulated to 4.7v instead of 5.0v, thus loading on power adapter when batteries are flat is less. 5.0v charging voltage has problem in regulating the correct current level due to this over loading current on power adapter, which lead to Panasonic brand Li-ion batteries showed wrong charging capacity value(+25%). With 4.7v charging voltage, the load on power adapter is greatly reduced and thus can make all types of batteries are charged properly.
3. 4.35v charging time can be very long because charging current is regulated in entering the CV stage at 4.12v, which is same as 4.2v type. Now 4.35v charging algorithm is changed to 4.27v.
4. Better safety feature: PCB temperature was used to in controling fan on/off only with 2.0v, now this function is enhenced so that temperature is monitored for entering thermal shutdown mode when excessive high temperautre is reached. It is especially helpful when fan is not running and which can lead to plastic melt down happening.
5. New fan cover make better protection for cooling fan.

Do check out lygte-info Opus BT-C3100 V2.1 detail review.


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the coupon expired!!!!
real priza is $59.14

V2.1 is available for order now! Discount coupons have been updated for both models. Limited period offer.

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